Rev-Erb agonists

What are they?

  • A class of proteins modulating our circadian rhythm

Why would I want to incorporate their modulation?

  • Well first of all REV-ERBα and REV-ERBβ nuclear receptors regulate several physiological processes, including circadian rhythm and metabolism. A previous study reported the REV-ERBα gene to be co-overexpressed with ERBB2 in breast cancer cell lines. Surprisingly, it was found that several tumor types, including a number of breast cancer cell lines, predominantly express the REV-ERBβ Simply put, it selectively causes cytotoxicity in cancer cells which means it annihilates them! That’s a major benefit to start with! Continuing our research, we find that a Rev-erb agonist improves adverse cardiac remodeling and survival in myocardial infarction through an anti-inflammatory mechanism. This means it is a class of potent anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular health, efficiency and treatment-promoting agents. Not bad eh? Furthermore, this class of substances can improve circadian rhythm and its downstream influence on glucose and lipid metabolism, exercise performance, and mental health.

Any side effects?

  • Nothing so far!
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